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bless you kerrie – course you can ask πŸ™‚

my dogs moved alert barking on so much that they would bark for up to 30mins or more if i wasnt in – even if someone walked past on the opposite side of the road and i had my curtains closed and windows shut – they would kick off when the postman came to every door in the street (and i mean every) just moved on moved on more and more sensitised until you could almost drop a pin across the way and they’d bark.

got a good way to curing it tho – as Lassie is telling you plus the “little routine” – night night music on DAP in the room they sleep in let out for weewee last little bikkie and they settled – even mist – for 4hrs.

if things are still amicable with your neighbours and if you havent done so already i would say you’re working to sort the problem as its annoying you aswell πŸ˜‰

Claire x

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