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err kerrie – mine told me they wished misty had been killed rather than come here …. are you sure you wanna chance someone elses neighbours ?

did you know …

there is NO law which relates to the time of day – as far as prosecution for noise nuisance by env. health 1am, 1pm … it matters not.

also if they do complain you’ll be officially warned by letter and contacted in person before any monitoring is in place.

most cases brought by my local council result in “no nuisance present” outcomes, often before even the recording stage. 

i know you want it sorted, you’re doing everything you can – they take that into account, give you advice and a chance to put in practice – all very fair from what my enquiries came across.

also – the police told me that most people who threaten things arent actually the people who commit crimes, if they wanted to assault you / poison your dogs (which i was threatened with) they’d just do it without farting about telling you 😉

Claire x

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