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Guess what just happened in the park? Cass was sniffing by the hedge with her back to the pathway when some silly old man decided that instead of walking on the path & going round her it was somehow easier if he walked along the grass up against the hedge right where the dog was sniffing (in full view of him i might add!).

He walked right up behind her, stopped about 18 inches behind her and made her jump because she didn’t see him coming, then he froze to the spot looking horrified when she sat nicely at his feet because she thought he had approached her to stroke her.

WTF is wrong with people? Surely common sense would suggest that if you are so afraid of strange dogs then the very last thing you should be doing is walking right up behind them & startling them. Dozy pillock.

I am sorry but i need this coat for the benefit of stupid people who obviously need it written on the dog in plain English to stop aproaching her so stupidly. I think they must be putting something in the water round here lately.  >:(

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