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Quick update, Oscar and Juno were lovely last night. They played well together and there was no incidents. Obviously the problems still remain but never the less they were really good together. I tried to ring the behaviourist last night but i may of been to late, i shall ring again tonight when i get in. Ive also got to post a video of Oscar and jun playing. Which i shall do shortly. I think alot of people assumed i’d have a few negative comments and i’d just never come on here again. Well this isn’t the case, alot of you have invested and alot of time and posts giving me advice so the least i can do is keep you updated with the daily goings on of Oscar and Juno. Rest assured i won’t allow Juno to be harmed!!!

We took Juno to the vets last night, she’s apparently growing really well. But and there’s a but apparently the breeder was a …. well i can’t use the word, but you can imagine. She hasn’t had a single injection, which i new about but also hasn’t been wormed, had any flee medication. She’s got a little hernia but apparently thats nothing to worry about, its more cosmetic. She’s got a really bad eye infection and also might depending on how she grows have to have surgery on her eyes because of how the skin is around her eyes, which is supposed to be common but her case is a little more servere. She’s also got an infection around her, lets just say lady area.
Poor thing!!!Ā  šŸ™

Also as far as the behaviourist goes we were also recommended one by the vet who specialises in weimys, she apparently trained a few weimy crufts agility winners. So ive got a few options. She’s also only 15 mins away.

Richard, Oscar & Juno

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