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so what is the behaviourist name who “specialises” in weims then  ;D  I can feel a little research going on.  Sweetype would know about weims in agility she the expert on that  ;D

Okay eye thing is real common in weims – probably scrolling third eyelid nothing to worry about – hernia – no big deal either, infection around her lady bits – amoxycillin will sort that out.  Eye infection – be careful when putting drops in that you dont cross infect. So you also need to up her immune system – vitamin e and selenium good for that  😉  

Have a look on stickies re witchy woo stuff – I dont give my doggies chemicals unless they have infections that pencillin is required for – I dont take them to vets unless they need surgery or stitched – I keep their immune system high so they have good bacteria to fight off the bad stuff.  means that rashes, infections etc are all very minimal  ;D  And if there is a herbal witchy woo alternative I will use that  ;D  

Have a read through the health threads and be overloaded with info….. any questions keep on asking, behavioural stuff Bev expert on dogs – weimy is a dog  ;D good to have choices  health stuff and witchy woo stuff then Val great on that.  

They have probably forgotten more than a lot of us know put together but then they are right oldies  😀

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