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thanks all,

Sadie was a bit rough over the weekend, very lethargic, loose stool , got puffed easily and generally off. however, it appears she’s turned a corner…yesterday and today her stool was firm and “healthy” , her appetite was good and her energy is returning (hard to tell because it’s been over 30 degrees) .

Her pyoderma is progressing nicely I new spots, skin is no longer pink/red, dry and clean, crusty stuff has gone just a couple on her front legs, not bothering her

She hasn’t been swimming since last tuesday and she’s not happy about that, we’ve kept her walks calm and short, just been doing some brain work with her

we’ve been giving her Vit E (1 capsule), Selenium (1/4 tablet), cod liver oil, sardines, scrambled eggs, mashed, carrots, a small beef bone (all I had) , some apple cider vinegar in her water, a little garlic

for the pyoderma, have just kept it clean with hydro peroxide , going to look for the benz per tomorrow

we’ll see how she is tomorrow, hopefully the improvement will continue

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