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Oh dear it is very difficult to post without you taking offence isn’t it?!

I can see no sarcasm in my post, but as I have said many times before, the way one interprets and talks about other posters reveals more about the person doing this than the poster!

I said “he was very lucky by all accounts” this includes his own, on his site!

We ALL need a bit of luck when we compete or in life in general do we not?  All my fellow competitors will admit we need luck sometimes!  Those who do not compete may of course not be aware of this, but it is a factor!

He was lucky to qualify in the obedience, which as Martin says himself on his site was “paltry” as he could not muster a sendaway.  These are big marks to throw away.

Perhaps you have not read it?

I have already congratulated Martin and Jay on their wonderful achievement.

So  before jumping to conclusions and judging others by your own standards and outlook on life, perhaps you should wait for the answer to your original question “what does that mean”!


If Martin can be honest about himself and his dog’s performance and not defensive it should not be beyond the remit of others who have not achieved these heights should it?

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