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so how do you adapt your bike – or do you just harness up and attach the lines to the front bit (you know what i mean)

I use a piece of thick rope tied to bike frame below headstock so you don’t get pulled to one side with handlebars when dogs go to one side. Then attach a metal carabiner to a purpose made shock absorber. I got my shock absorber from a sleddog person  who makes them. Then attach a 1-dog or 2-dog line to the shock absorber, then clips on lines attach to the back of the dogs harnesses . You can run dogs with tracking harnesses but make sure they are padded well or as i prefer to use x-back harnesses. Best to use a neck line to keep dogs attached together also. I also often use this antenna to keep lines off front wheel.

[img width=468 height=313][/img]

[img width=468 height=313][/img]
with lines etc attached

Here is a pic of the setr up of equipment , sorry for quality of pic, this was taken when i used a bike inner tube as a shock absorber but i use the custom made one now, much better
[img width=468 height=141][/img]
Make sure your dogs are used to the harnesses b4 trying to run them in them.  😉

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