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Within reason a rota  ;D it’s better when there are two mods around so that you can bounce off each other only the other week spent a horror of a week on my own with lots of niggle agro most of that comes via PM’s some was on the board it was my thoughts on upping the mods so that won’t happen much  ;D unless me all go on the same course

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A rota!

I knew you guys were on here a lot, but did not expect that.  I just pop in when I can or when I get a reported post.

I know now there is a large number of posts, but do not see too many problem posts as there was.  If you can not get on to the board, do not worry.  If there is something really bad on there a member will report the post.  I can normally get back to a reported post within a couple of hours.

If you are not to sure about the e-mail thing, log out and then find one of your posts.  The e-mail address does not appear.

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