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Especially for owners who tell me they dont mind what the dog looks like they just want him clean and tidy.

It’s a mistake to do that Mandy.  Every dog that leaves your parlour is your business card and a good or bad advert for you.  Make them all look like Westies should look, some a little shorter and some a little longer but none should have their weatherproof coat removed and all (if you squint! 😉 ) should look broadly like the breed standard Westie.

Let me explain…..  If you do a good Westie trim, that dog will be a good advert for you and other owners who want their dogs to look the same will come to you.  You’ll be known at the lady who turns out a Westie that looks like a Westie and owners will pay good money and travel many miles to bring their dogs to you.  🙂 

If you do a 10 all over job, or clip the back and leave a short hovercraft skirt, owners who want their dogs looking like that will come to you, and you’ll be the same as all the other groomers in your area and you’ll all be fighting for cheap clip off work and stuggling to make a living. :-\

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