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You’re a groomers’ dream Claire with 2 short coated, no matts, dogs!  ;D  The difference that a parlour would make to your dogs is that the dryer will remove a lot more dead coat than just a bath and brush at home will.

The problem with groomers is …. if all the groomers in the area fire off coats with gay abandon, then all the pet owners in the park think that their dog looks the same as all the rest and so they must look right!  I used to get most of my new enquiries from owners saying “I met Fido in the park today and he looked lovely – nothing like my dog.  Please can I bring my dog to you and please will you make him look like Fido?”  It’s definitely the way forward to build up a busy and successful parlour and knock the competition into a cocked hat!  😉

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