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just an idea but suz has a few westies i think – you could ask her if she’ll video herself doing one, might that help ?

also it really sounds like you’d benefit from some critique – if you didnt want to do it on open forum you could ask rough, suz, val for their opinions if you did a video or some photo’s maybe of you doing one ?

suz – just for some comparison here, how long would a westie take you (lets say one which has NOT previously been cut by you but is used to grooming) as mandy is getting in new clients ?  and once it had been a few times ?

mandy – were you pleased with the results even if it did take you all day ?  did you take pics ?  were the dogs used to grooming, what were they like coming in (were they clipped off last time or did you have an OK coat to work on), did you have to take breaks (as it was awful weather up here – muggy like chewing the air yesterday).

claire x

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