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Hi Mandy
It took you all day to do a westie, was that a hand strip of a clip.
Yes I do use PA never had any problems with them thats why I suggested Suz use them.
If you are opening a shop and you are taking that long to do a westie, you will die within a month.
I strip in an hour twenty to show standard and clip in forty five mins including bath and nails with glands if needed depending on rent I would say you will have to do at least 8 plus dogs a day to make a living speeds comes with experience but a dog a day you will end up in trouble

[quote author=mandy4cats link=topic=12186.msg235210#msg235210 date=1218095593]
Hi Suz I am working from home. I finished my training but did not feel very confident so then did another 2 weeks somewhere else. Still not very confident. It’s been a while since I did my courses as I have been waiting for my salon to be finished.  It’s suprising how much you forget in that time. I did a Westie yesterday and the day before. I thought it wouldn’t take that long. It took me all day. Bit demoralizing. Are there any shortcuts for pet trimming a westie? Guard combs for instance? I’ve been told not to use them but to me they look like they cut the work in half. Especially for owners who tell me they dont mind what the dog looks like they just want him clean and tidy. Thanks.

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