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not even Val can strip twenty dogs in an hour – shes good but shes not got superhuman hands  ;DIm about same sort of time as Val – probably l spend longer though as am mobile so have to figure in setting up time etc. But as an example I do two westies, small wellbehaved dogs – one clip one strip every six weeks – done in two and half hours. You will get faster – but not point ‘cutting’ corners’ because you wont get the repeat business.I think if you set yourself a time limit of two hors roughly per dog – depending on size etc then you will be halfway there, then gradually speed up a wee bit more  :)Val Mandy is working from home so I guess no rent as such……..Many also you wont do 8 dogs a day for a while – aim for four that should keep you fairly solvent if your prices are right. It IS possible to do 8 a day – if you get the mix right then sometimes even more, And yes feel free to send/post some pics here or by pm if you want any help  :)Oh and routine helps – whats your routine for grooming a westie? what sort of dryers are you using?

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