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Cor I wish 20 an hour  ;D This is something that can’t be done on the net we have managed to do all sorts of things on line but how to groom Nar
A clip off is the fastest, bath and crispy dry the dog once your clipper is on the dog you want long cuts ie; from the back of the head straight to the tail stop on rump then I go down either side of the neck and under the chin then follow the shape of the dog I personally stop short of the blend line as I blend in with thinners ( Can’t bear hoover westies) do the feet thin the legs and body line blend body to skirt thin the tail stick out my hand for the money oh book next appointment
Where do you live was you the Norfolk lady got a head that leaks info

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How do I stop myself dying? Sorry I got my previous message wrong you strip 20 in an hour?? Please tell me how? I need some help.

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