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dodger was suprisingly…….booooooring ::) ::) ::) all he wanted to do was lie down and watch them all. πŸ˜€ i even took his fav green/orange ball that he goes mad for but he was to busy lying in the rain to even look at it. He got snapped at by 5 different dogs and he only grumbled back not the normal firey dodge i’m used to but i should be pleased with that. :-*

He started the actual flyball of pretty gently always checking back to see me and then by the middle he was getting much better! by then end on the other hand he would rather chase the other shepherd who was running on the run next to his and tell the little dogs off that dared come over to his side of the run ::) >:D not to mention it was raining like hell πŸ˜€

can’t wait to see what next week brings :-\ >:D πŸ˜€

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