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mr fox wanted to go and grab some chickens from the farmers coop but every time he tried to creep close the chickens would hear him and wake up the geese who would wake up the guard dog who would chase the fox away. While sitting pondering on what to do, some naughty fairies came and asked him what was the matter – ‘I can’t catch the chickens’ said fox – ‘I make too much noise with my feet no matter how quiet I am – I have tried everything, I even tried to pick some of those flowers to wear as gloves but i squashed them with my mouth’ so the naughty fairies went and picked him some of the flowers that had long drooping heads, and he put them on his feet to muffle the sound. That is why to this day ‘foxgloves’ carry the imprint of a fox’s paw inside them and as a thank you the fox always pees in a circle so the toadstools will grow in a ‘fairy’ ring.

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