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[quote author=SuzAndTheDiva link=topic=12156.msg235358#msg235358 date=1218139497]
Of course we going to ask – what you done to your right wrist – or was that from the jumping off the roof incident  😀

nope, was only bodypart that didn’t hurt. Is embarrasing  :-\ .
Was working with the boys and tripped over Diesel. Didn’t want to fall with my entire weiht on him, so tried to avoid him. I did, but….. Bammmm flat on the ground, right on my wrist :-X  . Kids laughing, dogs jumping on me, sunshine on the ground laughing her little behind of…. until i said; ‘woman, drive, hospital now’  😛 . Than kids and wife went simultaniously; ‘not again!’

[quote author=xtine link=topic=12156.msg235374#msg235374 date=1218141556]
Diesel that is ridiculous  😮  😀

hope you ok  :-*

Busted ego, huge dent in pride, but the rest will heal. Slow  ::) .

[quote author=jaydex link=topic=12156.msg235381#msg235381 date=1218145940]
Men!  😀
you have to remember when you get older and you fall off something it hurts ten times as much!!
Hows the trampoline 😉 😉 😀
Get better soon :-*
I found thàt out  😮 ! The hard way.
[quote author=Emma_rocks link=topic=12156.msg235447#msg235447 date=1218189985]

ive got more sypathey (SP) for the poor poochie, how is he now ?? gave me the best laugh that ive had in yonks…..
Like a circus at your house diesal lol
Little weasle is doing very well. I thougt he would feel atleast something, but he eating well, doing great, seems to feel no trouble of the 2 stings at all.

Circus? Feels like nuthouse from hell. Everything is starting to annoy me. We have started on the big preps for our show. Got everything planned, but now it got to happen in realtime. My head wants to, is racing at 150 klm an hour. But the body does not.
Need some ‘batteries recharge’ time  😉 .

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