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Have you seen them  😮

we tried polo a year or so ago – and there were girls (all blonde and young  😉 ) ponying about 6 at a time  😮  – now that is not really safe  ::)  although the ponies were good…  apparently is v. hard for polo grooms to get insurance – cos they so likely to get hurt  :'(


i started on a polo yard at 13 left same yard at 21 – 😀 to do a stinky degree that i have never used and while doing my degree i worked for HAPPA and on racing yards – then had Joe  😀 and downsized into dogs  😀 – ive done my AI and got some trecking/ride leader qualifications as well

it was a huge estate with loads of farms, trecking yards, eventing yards, riding schools etc on it as well
when i was producing ponies they always neck rained a lot better than they went with 2 hands  😀

ive traveled Europe and the UK with the polo ponies – polo is fantatic if i could i would SO go back to polo its fantastic

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