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Giardia can spread between infected dogs (via poop i think) and is commonly caught from drinking dirty water.  most likely to affect your dog badly if immune system already overburdended.  can spread to humans also via dogs poop.  treatment stan was given is 60-70% effective BUT has nasty side effects <> More recently Panacur has been used to successfully treat Giardia.  Kennels, runs and other suitable areas should be washed down with bleach / ammonia

campylobacter can also spread to humans and between infected dogs via poop.  exposure to campy is thought to be higher in raw fed dogs BUT more likely to develop in a dog already under stress (unwell / pregnant / old / puppy / recovering) enthromycin is used to treat dogs + humans.  one problem is that once infected dogs can remain carriers thus re-infecting other dogs while showing no symptoms themselves.


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