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Dawn is incredibly talented – hats off to her i would LOVE to have her skill one day  🙂

Lassie you might think the dogs look stupid – but its just a bit of fun, the dogs themselves often enjoy all the fuss and attention and it doesnt hurt them. Not to everyones taste and not something Id want to do – but I dont think that they look stupid. Just some incredibly talented groomers showing just how good they are  🙂

RE the dog being cooked to death – awful and not the first time either, gives us all a bad name. Didnt read the story assume it involes a cabinet dryer?

However lady complained to papers because a groomer shaved down her lhasa – groomer had the last laugh she had saved the MATTED coat which she showed to the irish equivalent of rspca, who admitted the dog had been neglected  >:D

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