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Ok, we back a few weeks on!  Toby is pulling less but when distracted is still difficult to manage so we head for home, also certain times of day especially the morning he is very difficult, takes an age to get to the end of the street but then we just realised we have cued a pee to one location and he seems to calm down a lot after we get to the pee patch.  Does this sound like good progress nearly a month on? 

We made out our ‘map’ as it were, an average walk can take 20-25 minutes with about ten to fifteen bursts of pulling either after a pee, after a go sniff.  Best walks are the ones where he has seen me pack treats into my pocket, but I fear we are almost luring him then because he periodically jumps at my pocket, the treat is still the walk but he is very aware of the foody treats I also have  >:D.  Hope this makes sense, guess I’m asking if we on the right path as we really want to have a Toby holiday end of this year and want him walking nicely, right now we are nearing the end of our map, do we lengthen it, or only when he has a few good days of good walks?  Could it be worth reinforcing through keep doing the location trg in the house?  ???

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