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Hi everyone,
I’m at that stage of training Jessie 🙂 she passed her bronze training thingy and has now moved on to the silver and gold.
so the anti has been upped. I had flu  for the last two weeks of her bronze course and didnt do any training but she managed to pass.
We had first lesson last week all new people :)Jessie is the youngest there so has her paws full to do well.
I am finding training wait and stay quite hard  🙂 she has a wonderful 100 per cent recall but stay is a different matter 🙂
I have found if I put her into a down before saying stay I have better results than attempting a sit stay. but I am persevering with a little and often practice a couple of times a day and see how she goes.
Its sad because when she gets a little older I will have to keep her on lead. but the hopes are that if she did run off the training would be reinforced and I could get her back.
Rachel and the gang!

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