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That won’t work unless she keeps hers on the lead  :-\  – for example – this morning I deliberately chose to walk the other side of the fence to her dog – and her dog jumped over to get to Loki  :-\  (is quite a large set of railings)

The main issue is that I can’t avoid in the way that you do because that dog comes up to us… I have others that i avoid by telling Loki not to go up to them and to walk past… but they don’t come up to us  :-\

I can avoid by not walking in the same place as her at all…

Will see what Bev says – thanks mudge  :-*

What worries me is the humping – he never does that to other boy dogs -and if he does to a girl he gets told off pdq (either by me or the dog!) and stops it. That didn’t work for me this time  :-[

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