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maybe you need to speak to owner about your concerns  :-\

for about a month when I moved down here we used to meet a black lab – about 18 months off lead all the time – owner had no control over it whatsover – all you could hear was Max Max Max MAX  – I felt like saying MAX WHAT  ???  >:(  Anyhow it would charge and I mean charge in a fat bouncy sort of way towards other dogs with it hackles up and literally charge them.  I would move Nacho on before anything started.  :-X  and then this morning I heard her say Max that doggie isnt good at playing  >:(  I was livid  so I said and believe me I was quite calm.

Your dog is not playing, your dog is a bully, your dog has no manners, your dog is aggresive and might I add this is because YOU have no control over your dog and have taught it no social skills whatsover.  Being a bouncy dog doesnt make it a friendly dog  >:(

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