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Great News, now I think you need to change the shampoo to Coal Tar read the following for why  ;D
Coal tar has mild antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects, and relieves itching. It is also absorbed into the skin cells and is thought to inhibit DNA replication in these cells. This slows down cell division and stops the cells from multiplying excessively. In turn, this reduces thickening and scaling of the skin.
Plus it smells lovely and clean

Coal tar may also work by breaking down keratin, a protein that forms part of the skin structure. This helps the skin cells shed from the treated area, thus reducing the thickening and scaling.

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quick update;  we’re definitely winning the battle at the moment, skin is clearing up nicely, just some slight pinkness left and a bit of dead skin flaking is good, appetite good, stool slightly soft but good, hair starting to grow back

thanks everyone for their well wishes  :-*

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