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I enjoyed the day not often I get to watch the hairless ones ;D
Thank your lovely hubby for the chair and tea  :-* enjoyed Dex and Kodi company and the wagon is very posh

[quote author=jaydex link=topic=11901.msg235825#msg235825 date=1218443718]
Kodi got 3rd in Graduate Bitch yesterday, well chuffed ;D ;D, 10 in the class didnt think we stood a chance tbh, was a great day really enjoyed myself, Dex’s daughter qualified for Crufts in Minor Puppy too ;D
Nice to meet you Jodie, and Thanks for all your advice and tips Val much appreciated :-*

Went off to Lonsdale View in the Forest, sat watching the ponies, foals and cows eating our roast dinner! 😀


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