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I don’t know how an organisation as large, old and experienced as The Kennel Club could have been so gullible.  Any one with any experience of the media in all it’s forms, knows that they never listen and print/show what is actually said!

Many years ago, my daughter and I were very flattered that the large local newspaper wanted to come and interview us about our success at Crufts.  What actually appeared in print bore no resemblance to what was actually said and we decline their approaches in the future.

A friend was almost sucked in recently when approached to make a TV program about making our gardens more friendly to wildlife.  He was sure that because it was the production company was making the series for the BBC, it would be OK but I wasn’t happy with the secrecy of the subject after being asked “If there anything that we could do that would upset him?”  I replied that as long as it didn’t upset his neighbours or be detrimental to his property, then he’d be happy with anything to support the wildlife.  After MUCH probing, it turned out that they were going to build a badger sett in his garden!  For those who don’t know, if he wanted to sell, it would be a disaster as you need a licence to move a badger sett!

I was told a couple of weeks ago by an old Cavalier breeder that there was a program coming out that was going to expose their syringomyelia problem!

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