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Thanks for all the kind wishes everyone. Cass had a tiny partial cruciate strain when she was small which healed itself & between myself and the vet we decided not to put her through an op as it wasn’t really effecting her but after the weekend i was in no doubt that it had to be done now.

I guess in fairness i have been putting it off a while now & hoping that it wouldn’t progress into a complete tear & it’s been on the cards in the background. In a lot of ways it’s almost a relief because i don’t need to worry about it getting worse anymore.

Cass is booked in for an operation at 12.30pm tomorrow so i will probably be on here an awful lot while i wait for the phone to ring. I’m feeling ok about it at the moment because i really am so lucky with my vet & if anyone was going to do the job he’d certainly be my first choice because i trust him & so does Cass, she lets him do pretty much everything – and of course i can get her claws trimmed while she’s asleep.  😉

I shall keep updating tomorrow as & when i hear what’s going on. Thanks again for thinking of us.

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