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Short answers tonight am sooooo busy at the moment
He need a new home Terry is not well so fingers crossed he finds one quick
That cartoon was so funny and yep just about me  ;D
Re Richard and the weims Bev is unpaided and out of pocket as she has paid out to get to his home.
Hope your tums better tomorrow
Bye for now must rush

[quote author=SuzAndTheDiva link=topic=12202.msg235930#msg235930 date=1218484610]

Whys he being rehomed, poor fella will ask about, actually tomorrow im grooming my flatcoat customer – will have a chat with her, she can be trusted to ask about quietly and knows flatcoat people etc  :-*

to cheer us up as feel quite sad after reading that,0,1036393.blurb

you need the sound on – it gets funnier the more you watch it  ;D

Oh and bev re richard and the weims – so you visited but not got paid? or havent visited yet because he cant pay?  :-*

Heavens all this makes my life look very simple – though I had an awful bad tummy this morning – lets just say am very glad I was working from home this morning  😛

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