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think we are doing ok, I managed to keep her in a down stay for over a minute and then another one where OH was trying to distract her with toys and moving around.
also managed a sit stay for half a minute, she can move quicker from one of them lol

really pleased she is responding to me, she had got very very attached to my OH and I always seemed to be the one doing the disciplining.

He lets her jump all over him when he comes into the house wont hear a word from me that she should wait for her attention, but I think over time that he will see that she behaves better for me.

Her recall to me is wonderful, with him she thinks he wants to chase her. he adores her and spoils her but I have always stood back because I want an obedient dog.

Hope she will be good on Friday, but I am more confident because I have practiced every day.
hope everyone is ok
Rachel and the gang!

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