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Hey everyone,

Well friday was an eye opening experience.
First off, yes Bev is brilliant!!!!

Right onto the dogs, Well since Bev came around ive been working none stop with both Oscar and Juno. God i don’t know if its more tiring for me or the dogs πŸ™‚
Ive been getting oscar more consistent on the cues he knows and adding a few more. The thing i learnt alot about on friday as regards to oscar, is the fact i was confusing him alot of the time, by using for example the cue down, to mean to lie down and to get off things. Its just thing like that, that have helped loads. He knows really well the cues sit, down, off, 4 paws, here and stay. Im working on leave at the moment, but he’s getting it. Also i teaching him to walk to heel, which can be extemely frustrating especially if he did it the day before but now hasn’t got a clue what your saying to him. But he’s getting alot better.

My only issues with him are the barking at evey little noise outside and going crazy if someone knocks on the door. I have clamed this to a certain extent with cues, ie down, sit, wait! oh and enough. But its still that initial reaction i want to stop.

Now for little Juno,

First off, she’s one of the most lovely dogs ever!!!

Now secondly, she’s a rascal!!! πŸ™‚

Thirdly, Yeah ive been working with her like oscar, trying to teach her, her cues!! She’s very bright (Bevs words!) and she’s picking them up very quick, its just trying to get them consistent. Im also trying to make her bed area a place she like to go, because when she’s in her bed on her own she cries and becomes very distressed, but lst night she went in there on her own and fell asleep!! πŸ™‚

As for both of them together, in the words of tony the tiger, they’rrrre great!!! I still have to let them have space if it gets to much but they play really nice together and Juno seems to be getting the better of Oscar!!! I think he’s under the thumb already!! But aren’t we all πŸ™‚
Ive ut out the bullying and oscar seems to be realising if Juno does’nt want to play, he cant just bully her into it!!

Anywho, thats my small update!!! πŸ™‚ Any questions πŸ™‚


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