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We took him from one tablet of steroids a day to half a tablet a day for about a week…the antibiotics he stayed on two tablets a day for the whole time…

On the steroids – no I probably wouldnt have had him on them either; regrettably Im not as knowledgeable about dog health and wellbeing, and although Im sure there are better ways to do things for him, its hard to know who to trust as on any one point you get 3 or 4 differing ideas.  And without physically seeing the dog and its surroundings etc etc…So unfortunately as I suspect in most cases the vet is the one people end up trusting – rightly or wrongly.

Toby always eats between 8am and 8.45am, and again between 5pm and 5.45pm.

The only other possible thing I can think is we dried some liver out again, and was so dry and crunchy that we didnt put it in the fridge; possibly this was foolish but then again it didnt have any moisture left in it whatsoever; so we presumed it was safe.  Wont do it again, but I dont think the problems were really consistent with that. 

So; 8-9am, 5-6pm for food (everyday)

ONLY ate burns meals last two days; NO liver, nothing else

ALL drugs finished about 5 or 6 days ago (steroids from on tab a day to half a tab for a week to no tabs 5 or 6 days ago)

Was thinking Ill keep an eye on him – anymore blood in faeces and Ill take him to vets straight away.

Thanks again for the advice mate – anymore you can suggest would be greatly appreciated


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