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Oh I have hunners of questions cos I know that loads of others will have the same…..  So let us all do the asking before Bev tells us all how crap we are  ;D  She never uses crap but we know in our hearts now that is what she means  :-*

What are you doing differnt now to you were doing last week  ;D
Remember what your first post was – reread and tell us what is different now.

Tell us what you want to achieve and what is your step by step plan to achieve it  😉
What criteria are doggies working at at moment – both will no doubt be at different stages.
Then this is the good bit that a lot of us fail at – how you gonna test it  😉

I think you are very brave trying to recondition Oscar whilst having pupster in tow at same time  :-\  Not for the feint hearted.  

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