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antibiotics and steroids would have knocked his immune system out from under him.  it is an auto-immune condition so he is very likely to be given more steroids, more antibiotics and also possibly NSAID painkillers. 

unless something is a bacterial infection antibiotics will not cure it.  unless you did a skin scrape and his skin was bacterial, all giving these drugs to him will have done is knock out his immune response – if they have stopped the itching its because of this and NOT because they “cured” it.  the same will be true for colitis.  the more times you keep giving them to him effectively for nothing – the more risk he runs of a) becoming ill from low immune system and b) becoming resistant so when he’s really sick he cannot be treated.

How much blood are we talking here because I wouldnt be rushing a dog to the vets for Colitis – there is nothing they can do which will cure it.  You just need to keep him comfy, follow Bev’s advice for feeding / care and trust him to fight it.

Bev – what would you suggest, I am thinking if that burns is wheat based might this irritate colitis sites more?  Would mash be better + pre and pro biotics, vit e + sel ?

Claire x

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