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Oh i regret says “any questions” Crap!!!! 🙂

Ok first “What are you doing differnt now to you were doing last week “

Well lets start with oscar first, right on Bev’s insistence, ive changed the tone of my voice when talking to him, because before i was giving him the cue “here” but i was almost using a “you’ve done something wrong” voice, so by just changing my tone, he seems to be obeying the cues alot more.
Im being alot more consistent with the cues and not just saying oh i’ll just let him get away with it this time. That applies to alot of stuff espicially jumping up. Oh he knows the 4 paws and off cues now!!!
As for Juno, well i only just had her last week but i think she’s improved because like oscar, im not just saying oh because she’s a puppy i’ll let her jump up this once and so on. Also, i don’t molly coddle her if she cries and i don’t let her push herself into my body when oscar is around because she gets cocky then and he gets jealous.
As for them together, im alot more calm now and not as nervous, also i can tell the body language alot more (no where near like bev), but as i was shown i didn’t realise things like if Juno doesn’t want to play oscar would paw and nip her into playing/reaction. Because i see this straight away now and stop it straight away, she’s not scared around him and he understands when she doesn’t want to play, but thats going to take a while to perfect.

Im not sure quite how to answer the question “Tell us what you want to achieve and what is your step by step plan to achieve it  
What criteria are doggies working at at moment – both will no doubt be at different stages”


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