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ok so we’re talking bland mashed potato and chicken type dishes for a while then? 

Will try half a banana and some live low fat natural yoghurt then.

I have to be honest I thought his nose was starting to clear up (some hair regrowth, same on ears) but then that could just be down to itching less, not actually getting to the route of the problem… Any other food anyone can recommend trying instead of burns (in case it is a food problem)?

Will this natural yoghurt affair put a lining back in his stomach? (aware from people that atnibiotics often cause a rather raw stomach for a while)

Anything else anyone can recommend to get him back fighting fit again?  (its just Im planning on pitting him against seventeen pitbulls, two staffies and a couple of rottweilers in a behind closed doors fight involving myself and some other evil dog owners later tonight 😀 )

Ok not really :p

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