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Me again – dog with a bone  ;D

All sounds good – yes Bev sees a lot more than any of us ever see.  She speaks Dog  ;D

So what do you want to achieve?

You want harmony in the household yes  😉  so tell us how you gonna achieve it  ;D  That will be your step by step plan.  i.e. 1st week I am going to reinforce bla bla –

Criteria – is when they are 100% fluent in something – like sitting every single time when asked in the house, every single time in garden, every single time in someone else house – all different criteria – will be 101 posts about it on training.  Type in criteria in search

Oscar is a lot older than Juno he is an adult dog – she is a pupster.  That doesnt mean Oscar will be easier to train than Juno or vice versa – depends on what Oscar already knows and what evil sneaky stuff he will teach Juno  >:D 

Eventually they will realise because they dont have time to think about it they are much happier when you are leading the way – less stressed – less emotional. 

They are not the easiest of breeds but they are very rewarding. 

So what are you training them at the moment – how do you decide what to do – that is your step by step – you must have in your head at least some sort of plan  ???

So eg. take 4 paws, how fluent is it ? what % at what criteria.  i.e. does he do it 100% of the time and where, inside house, garden, at park, on street – easy to get stuff fluent in house but outside where there are smells, scents, doggies, people, traffic, whole different ball game  ;D

I love this stuff  😀

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