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Ok, here goes another 12 page post from me.

My goal is for Oscar to know all his cue 100%, to stop acting like the pack leader and for him to be able to socialise with dogs more. I want him o walk on the lead without pulling. Also at some point Justine wants to do agility with him.

For Juno, i want her to be more confident (which she is becoming), and like oscar know all her cues 100%.

As for both together, i just want them t be able to play together with toys, walk togther, for oscar not to bully her at all and for them to just generally love each other and keep other company if im not there.

How to achieve this, well……

Im working with them both for about 6 hours a day. Sometimes together, sometimes apart. Im working oscar at the moment his walking on the lead as bev said this was extremely important, because the pulling is effecting his body shape. also im woking mainly his wait and stay cues.
Then i want to move onto his leave cue which he struggles with. Then hopefully i want to start socialising him more.

With Juno, ive started to walk her around the garden on the lead because she’s still got to wait a week or so until she’s aloud out in the wide world, but i want to get her walking well before we start getting all the distractions of the outside world. Im just basically working very hard with her “off” and “4 paws” cues because she’s jumping up alot. Im also as pi previously said, trying tomake her bed space a good place.
Next i want to work her stay and leave cues.

As for both of them, im letting them play together as much as possible but not allowing any bullying. Ive got them both kongs which seems to be going ok, oscar doesn’t seem to mind her having it. But im at a loss on how to stop the guarding of food and his own toys. But im reading alot of good stuff on this board so i’ll be putting it into action.

Criteria(%): Oscar Sit 90, down 70, give paw 100  ;D, stay 60, leave 30, here 90, close 60, heel close 50, off 80, 4 paws 100, speak 10000!! ;D

The only cues oscar does outside of the house is sit 80, give paw 100, stay 60, here 100, leave 30, close 60, heel close 50, speak 10000!!.

Juno  Sit 70, down 30, give paw 0  ;D, stay 60, leave 30, here 70, close 0, heel close 0, off 70, 4 paws 90, speak 0.

Hope thats all, god knows, my brains fried.


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