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okay so you need to break it down more – lead training if it is affecting his conformity then this has to be first and foremost – used to do 10 minutes in every hour for nooch – most of that time was going back to house as his manners were crap  ::)

so criteria – I take it you mean in house with this  ???  If so anything that is 100% in house needs to go outside to garden now  ;D  you need to get recall 100% everywhere so I would work on this – verbal and visual – sorry bev I dont want to “take over” – just been here before 3 times over  ::) with same breed

Juno will become more confident the more time you spend sorting out Oscars manners  😉  And all training should end on a positive note no matter how crap they have been (in your opinion  ;))

so Oscar only 90% in house recall but 100% outside  ???

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