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Oh boy the dreaded dog hair on your dancing frock, dehairing school friends that were brave enough to come home with you  ::)
There was a big plus side thought I knew all the answers on life, death, birth, diseases, anatomy, bones, muscles, plant life,wildlife, food, nutrition. I was the dread of most teachers I knew more than most of them did  ;D
Plus my father was never bothered about keeping me home if he was off work for lessons that he called life in the real world.

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bless – i remember as a kid i sometimes used to wish they would disappear and i could have a normal life like my mates  😀  they went to bed with stuffed panda’s….not girlies in whelp or boyos needing socialising…and the poo clearing…. ::) as a teenager going out when allowed…i used to have the horrors that i stunk of dog poo and slobber and fur  ::) ::)

bet val did too  ;D ;D

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