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The vet just called, i have mixed feelings at the moment as it’s all a bit mysterious.

He says Cass is absolutely fine & after extensive x rays and physical reflex and manipulation tests he can find no difference in the resistance of the cruciate on either back leg & he says that the one she was lame on is exactly the same as the other one & has not ruptured. All he could offer really was that because this leg was already a slight weak point it may be that she is just more prone to feel it more than on the other leg.

Eitherway he is of the opinion that it would be wrong to open her up with the knowledge that there is nothing inside for him to repair & in that respect i do agree with him but you know when you just have that feeling something just doesn’t quite sit right? That’s the way i feel at the moment – the vet himself was as mystified as me to be honest.

I am happy that she has not had to be put through surgery afterall but also a little unsure of where we go from here really. As i said before it would have been easier if it had been a rupture in need of repair because i would not have to worry about it getting worse, whereas now i worry it could be an ongoing thing that i’ll be seeing again in 6 months time.

I suppose it’s just the unanswered questions it leaves me with because even the vet was convinced it was cruciate when he saw her last night & he’s as stumped as me now.

It’s unexplainable really & just damn wierd – even the vet thinks so. I am going to pick her up at 7pm anyway so she’ll soon be home again. I have found it very hard to be without her in the house, at one point i was convinced i heard her collar tag jingling in the hallway.

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