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Back again. Interesting about hock because that was something he x rayed along with feet, pelvis, knees etc & there is nothing whatsoever physically or mechanically wrong, bones all fine, joints all fine, no sign of thickening of the joint, arthritis or anything else.

The only explanation the vet was able to give was that when she originally strained the cruciate last year if a few of the fibres (ie 20%) partially tore they would be replaced with toughened tissue that would in effect heal over & this tussue itself can become inflamed if the knee is twisted or strained awkwardly because it’s not as strong as cruciate ligament – this is what he thinks the case is because he has on average 1 cruciate op a week & this just isn’t one of them in his professional opinion, there is some inflamation but it’s not from a cruciate tear.

It’s taking a lot to get my head round really because as i said it kind of leaves questions unanswered but at the same time i am pleased she didn’t end up needing surgery. Shes fast asleep with her nose shoved under the sofa so i’m going to leave her be & try her on some food later on if she wakes up. It’s been a confusing few days really for both of us.  :-\

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