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told you Laura would accept that explanation  😉

I hope so – just got to get the ‘right’ photo – I wish I could go on the day but its so far and I just cant afford the time off work  :'( But wanted to get them something special, not just another toaster  😛 but she getting it done from a photo of a CLEAN fritz – just to remind them he is clean sometimes  ;D

hehe give her a kick up the bum re the charity  😉  😀

AND – I might have the chance to go to Atlanta next March  😮 and go compete in there huge four day show  😮 I dont know for sure, if my friend can save the money then for definate! I got to get saving hard, but just for plane flights, as we got free board etc etc  ;D Is very scary thought – have never flown before my mums not keen on the idea either  ::) but if I can im going  ;D wont ever get another chance like this again!!

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