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Totally agree with this I am know for breeding late and using older stud of long living line and I never line breed, I have not done bad in the show ring  ::) have had my moments especially as I don’t boot lick  😉
IMO I have always thought there should be two levels for registeration, level A if you health check level B if you haven’t, when I mentioned this to a high up in the KC I was shot down with ”It wouldn’t work” nobody told me why it would not work but my reasoning was more people would health check nobody would want to be second rate with the governing  body and they would still register with the KC.
I think the backlash has started friend with a litter of puppies all health check has had four of her five buyers phone and cancel.
Me I am not bothered if Mel has a litter I would not care if I kept them all but with bigger dogs there will be a price to pay

Behaviour guru Dr Ian Dunbar just came up with a blinding obvious suggestion thatt I think sounds a winner.

.Only breed your dog to an unrelated stud dog who is more than 7 years old and healthy!

As he says:

“Longevity is simply the very best overall indicator of health, fit genes and good behavior and temperament.”

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