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We do produce a addendum with every issue we send out.

We are up to date as far as the BVA/KC eye scheme, can you tell me again what is missing on your breeds exactly so I can double check and make sure they’re hanged if necc.

We try to include everything you can test for – so herniating discs probably wouldn’t get a go as that’s probably more of a predisposition with lost of breeds having that prob too – is there a scheme monitoring that for Clumbers? I’ve got Rachel looking and checking our latest info against the BVA list just to make sure nothing has fallen off.

We’ve got every eye prob confirmed or under investigation listed according to the BVA list – and if it’s not on there we need some references to put it on or we would just say eye test every breed of dog – which is an idea, just probably a bit too ambitious at the moment.

Don’t know if you heard here – but James Wellbeloved were approached by the KC after they sponsored our Little Black Book and suffice to say we have not had another advert from either james WellBelloved or Royal Canin ever since as they wanted to show their support for the KC who did not like our Little Black Dog book!

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