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n my worst nightmare I never dream’t they would use holocaust comparisons there must be some sick s*d on the research team to come up with that.

they could have used the time to show what some breeders are doing to ensure the health of their dogs-like the 5 DNA that responsible BC breeders have done on their breeding dogs as well as the clinical tests-yes the show BC breeders have changed the look & character of their BCs but they have not influenced the working BCs one bit in the look & character of their dogs.

IMHO show breeders have ruined the “show beardies””lovely straight floor length coats with straight partings down the back & head coat so thick they have to trim or even shave the hair between in eyes(not all show breeders but the vast majority of them)They have line bred to one dog & now have nowhere to go as he is in 90 % of the dogs pedigrees, they had to change the breed standard so that his offspring with very light eyes in all colours could continue to be successful. The old & original breed standard stated that the eyes should be brown, except in browns & fawns where it shoul follow the colour of the coat-it now states Syeyes to follow the colour of the coat-meaning the light slate dogs have light eyes, blues have light eyes etc etc

My Blue champion beardie had brown eyes, my brown beardies(much darker that the current doags)had brown eyes, my Slate beardie had brown eyes & my black beardie had brown eyes. How the h*ll does a black beardie have black eyes ???????

All the working beardies I have met have brown eyes irrespective of colour !

They needed a kind eye to be able to drive stock many miles to market, a light eye is not a kind eye

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