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Well Done Laura.
I see from the results today that Sue & Kodi got a reserve at the Welsh Champ show.
Well Done Kodi oh and Jay  ;D

Well Done Dodger :-*

Thanks Val and everyone for the congrats, I dont think I’ve ever been to show thats gone quite so fast, judging started at 10am I walked over from the campsite about 10 to 11, found my number and the ring and the judge was already on junior bitch!! just aswell I went when I did, he never spoke >:( just pointed >:( barely looked at the dogs >:( lots of people were complaining about him, but I liked him cos he gave us reserve ;D ;D  😀 😀

I treated myself to a Crufts qualifier rosette(sad I know) but it looks nice with her name on it ;D

Never saw leoti to be honest was so rushed by it all I forgot all about you I do apologise :-[

Yes Lisa is showing and doing working trials, she will be at Richmond, but not on our day. Blu is doing very well ;D

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