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Hello my good friend Dyane

I definitely have no Nazi leanings, am all for free speech have no wish to offend anyone. The post referred to has merely a reference to lies becoming fact if they are oft repeated – which is often used by many people and in no ways implies the user of that metaphor has any leanings towards  the Nazi party.

The BBC1 programme also had some links to the eugenics movement – which may be why terrierman chose to reference his quote trying to be clever – but we are definitely getting off message here.

And Dyanne I bred 8 litters of Beardies in total many, many years ago. Most of them were indeed to fairly unrelated sires bizarrely – we did try to use interesting lines – Ch Charncroft Corinth, Ch Orora’s Frank etc but it was instinctual rather than science based. I hadn’t yet read the paper from Professor Balding’s research published this year that taught us all about effective population sizes. We were encouraged to breed our half brother and half sister Champions together by a KC member and senior judge –  but never did feel that was right. Glad we didn’t. I think we did try line breeding once or twice and looking back I now realise that was a mistake – but peer pressure tells you that is what you should do to – now we all know that is wrong.

And yes, I used to work at the Kennel Club many years ago and when I was there I wrote a paper recommending a scheme that used mandatory health testing – about 25 years ago now I think. Should have a fair bit of dust on it by now. My message has been unwaivering in all that time. Tried my hardest to change them from within, tried to do it with reasoned debate too – had many a meeting with them over the years. Sadly, they haven’t reformed and now there’s this huge documentary and every one knows what they haven’t done. But making up statistics isn’t the way out of the problem. First you have to to admit there is a problem and then put it right.

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