Re: Todays walk


Thanks all.  🙂

Bev, in all seriousness the recall is really very good right now even with high distractions. I’ve been challenging her more but a switch must have gone off in her wee head and all of a sudden she just wants to go where i go. I never could do the “follow me I’m so very interesting”  thing… so I gave up on that, i just tried to relate to her that I would always lead her into some good times and no matter what she’s found in the woods whatever I’ve got is more interesting  🙂  I dunno, that’s the only way i can explain it.  :-\

The other day she literally chased a duck up the river swimming , jumping through the water when it got shallow until the duck remembered it could fly  ::), she then separated another duck and did the same thing again, then another duck until I whistled for her and mid-chase she turned and swam directly to me on the shore  😮  Like I said, methinks a light bulb went off in her wee Sadie noodle  ;D

I really have to get a video camera~!

This is Crude Ash Popup From Elementor